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Racing Roundels


Magnetic Roundels can be easily applied to any steel-bodied car. Made from vinyl with the full heavy magnetic sheet backing, these can be placed almost anywhere. Typically at least both sides should show the car number, and also at least once on the top: hood, roof, or rear deck.  Reuseable!

Various locations include the hood, and on both sides, either centered on the door, or along the rear fender.

The Basic set includes two (2) Regular size Roundels for the doors (or side of car) and one Large Roundel for the hood, roof, or rear deck. Additional Roundels of any size are available.

With the unique size of the Pantera (& Mangusta) door the typically available size does not fit well, being too large and it will over-hang the bottom of the door and look "odd".

These flexible roundels neatly conform to the body shape, body lines and creases.  Note the rear deck lid fit.

Optionally the rear deck can be chosen, placed in the center, or shifted to one side, as displayed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.  Seen here, covering both the roof and deck is just for display.

Instructions for placement, use, cleaning and storage are included with each set.
Note: Magnetic Roundels will not adhere to aluminum-bodied, or fiberglass cars.




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