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Polished Stainless Steel Hinge Bolt Kit 


The Hinge Bolt Kit consists of Polished high-grade Stainless Steel Allen-Head Cap Screws and Counter-Sunk Cap Screws for rust resistance, durability and a finished appearance.

The kit includes bolts for the hood, doors, rear deck and door lock latches.

There are 10 bolts that attach the hood to the hinge and hinge to the body.

There are 12 bolts that attach the door to the hinge.

There are 12 bolts that attach the hinge to the A-Pillar.

There are 6 bolts that attach the rear deck hinge to the Body. (Not pictured)


Also included are the 4 bolts that attach the latch to the B-Pillar.

Installation is simple, and instructions are included.

Polished Stainless washers are optional.



Door to Hinge


Door Latch





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