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ProvaMo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Table of Contents

  1. What is ProvaMo?
  2. What is the purpose of this site?
  3. Who is supporting this site?
  4. How do I Register?
  5. Why do I have to Register?
  6. What information is collected?
  7. What is the Privacy Policy?
  8. What about pop-up windows?
  9. What is a membership?
  10. What is the ProvaMo (DeTomaso) Registry?
  11. How can I help?
  12. Why did I have to log in again?
  13. Can I share my account?
  14. I did not receive my registration confirmation e-mail. What happened?
  15. What do I do if I forgot my Password?
  16. What about Proxy servers, IP spoofing and anonymous surfing?
  17. Why is there a login and other security features?
  18. How is E-Mail processed?

What is ProvaMo?

ProvaMo is the source for all things relating to De Tomaso Automobiles.  The ProvaMo name and logo originated from a vintage Italian license plate. Prova means 'test' in Italian, Mo is the designator for the Modena area.  When an automobile is running the special "Prova" designated registration plate it is typically exempt from most traffic laws such as a speed limit.  A Prova plate basically gives you carte blanche to drive a sports car as it was designed to be driven.  This was intended to provide Carrozzeria the ability to test new car designs on public roads with some ability to run from the motor press paparazzi.  ProvaMo and Prova Mo are used interchangeably.

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What is the purpose of this site?

The primary purpose of this site is to share information regarding DeTomaso Automobiles. 

(The following is apparently necessary, as "there is at least one in every crowd".)

The operative word above is share, as in to give and to receive.  This site is available to those that are willing to share information regarding the various DeTomaso automobiles.

This site is divided into several levels.  The most basic level is open to anyone.  Another level is for those willing to share information.

You gain access to the "Share Area" by sharing!

One may provide something substantial like a technical article on suspension geometry or as basic as adding a new entry into the DeTomaso Registry or updating an existing entry.  Everyone has something to offer.  Even the person just starting out in their search to buy a De Tomaso has something to share.  It can be easy, and quick.

For example, I was contacted by someone in the Netherlands that is searching to buy a Pantera (November 2007).  He wanted to check the Registry for any history on this particular car before he traveled some distance to inspect it.  Learning that he needed to contribute a car to the Registry to gain access, he went online, found a car new to the Registry and sent in the details.  This took him less than 5 minutes of surfing.  His submission was processed, and he had access within a few minutes.  In return what he learned was this particular car needed much more work than he was interested in, which he could tell from the Registry images. The dealer in Europe was asking 60,000.  He learned that it was bought in the USA less than 5 months before at a price of $21,100.  Had he been interested in pursuing this car he would have been in a strong position to negotiate. 

And from the "One in every crowd" department: E-mail has been received from a person that didn't want to share.  Their opinion was that everything on the internet is available for free.  They didn't want to bother sharing, they just wanted to take, and they seemed angered because this site was not working that way.   I tried to work with them without success.  If you are not willing to share, then you might be better off seeking your answers elsewhere.

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Who is supporting this site?

This site is supported by you the user.  This site survives solely on your donations and is staffed by an all-volunteer effort.  No compensation has been received for writing articles or reviews about vendors or individuals.  The site does not bombard you with advertising to generate revenue.  You will not receive spam from this site, nor do we provide information about our members to anyone (who may spam you). The left menu column occasionally has a logo link to acknowledge those individuals or businesses that have supported this site with content.  Ads for DeTomaso-related parts (Parts for sale) or DeTomaso cars (Cars for sale) appear at no cost or obligation to the seller, and the content is wholly their responsibility. We are not supported or sponsored by any DeTomaso-related club, such as the Pantera Club of America (POCA) or Pantera International (PI), nor are we affiliated with any such organization.  Some volunteer effort is done by people who may be members of various organizations, but there is no official or business connection between this site and any club or organization.  Again, all the work done to create this site has been on a volunteer basis, and the bills to keep this site available are paid for by your donations.  Currently one individual continues to donate most of the funds necessary to make this content available to you.  It is unknown how long this prime benefactor will continue.

If you have found this site helpful, please consider donating even a small amount of money to insure that this information will continue to be available.  Contributions can be easily made via Paypal, by check, money order etc. and can remain anonymous.  See Donations for more info.

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How do I register?

 If you have already registered: Clicking the Member Login button on the Login page takes you to the Login page. Enter your e-mail address as your Login (member) name.  Enter your password as directed.  Select the Login button. 

If you need to register: Clicking the New Visitors button on the Welcome page takes you to the Login page.  Click the Register button on the far right side.  You will then be asked to provide a valid e-mail address, and then you select your password.  When successful, you will be sent an e-mail confirming your registration at the e-mail address you provided.  Click on the link included in the e-mail to complete your registration.

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Why do I have to register?

Your registration helps to determine what information visitors desire the most. Future development is then focused there.  Member registration also permits additional security measures to better protect the privacy of other members and owners of DeTomaso automobiles.

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What is the Privacy Policy?

Your information (E-mail address or other) will not be provided to outside sources.   If your submit details regarding a DeTomaso you own, that information may be available to certain other owners if you so elect to make this information available.  Visit the ProvaMo Registry of DeTomaso vehicles for further details.

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What information is collected?

While you visit ProvaMo, information may be occasionally collected.  For example, which pages are most popular.  Error conditions are also documented.  Any feedback or information you provide may also be used to improve service to you.   A Member submits their e-mail address, and occasionally other information which helps increase the privacy and security of the other Members.  This information is not provide to outside sources.  This information is deleted regularly.

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What about Pop-up Windows?

Members should allow Pop-up Windows from this site.  The old site was hosted on a "free" service, which required pop-up advertising.  This is not the case for this site.  When you request additional information (like a larger resolution version of an image) it may appear in a pop-up window.  If you block Pop-ups, you will not see the content you requested.  Specify allowing Pop-up Windows in your browser, see your browser help for details.

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What is a membership?

There are several levels of membership.  Basic registration allows access to many of the areas and services.  Increased levels of membership allow greater access to services and features.  By sharing photos with the Registry, share access to the Registry is granted.

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What is the ProvaMo Registry?

The Prova Mo Registry (also known as the DeTomaso Registry) is a registry of the vehicles produced by DeTomaso Automobili.  Models included are the Vallelunga, Deauville, Longchamp, Mangusta, Pantera, and the Guara (Update: The Qvale Mangusta has also been included.)  Information on each model is available and cars are listed by chassis number, and photos and video clips are included where available.  Certain information designated as Private by the submitting owner is not available to the public.  See the Frequently Asked Questions page specific to the ProvaMo Registry here.

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How can I help?

It takes support from DeTomaso owners to make this site available and useful.  Articles, technical information, and photos submitted by members are encouraged.   The editing staff can polish even rough content into a worthy article.  Members who submit content are rewarded with additional access.  Financial donations are also accepted, and help offset the costs of making this information available.  Please consider contributing to this site.  Select the Contact button to send an e-mail.

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Why did I have to log back in?

If you are idle (meaning no site activity) for a period of time the server will automatically log you out. This is a function of the security server.  Idle time is typically set for between 10 and 20 minutes.  When you log back in, the security server may remember where you were and return you to the same page.

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Can I share my account?

No. You can not, and should not share your account or password with anyone. Doing so violates the Terms and Conditions of use and violating any terms of that agreement can be cause for loss of any and all privileges.

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I did not receive my registration confirmation e-mail. What happened?

If you did not receive your registration confirmation e-mail (usually within seconds) you are likely blocking e-mail. Check your account and ISP settings.

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What do I do if I forgot my Password?

If you forgot your password, go to the login screen, enter your e-mail address, and check the box to have your password sent to you.  It will be e-mailed to you.

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What about Proxy servers, IP spoofing and anonymous surfing?

These techniques, and other similar methods of hiding ones identity are frequently used by criminals and other undesirable people to do 'bad' things and hide from the truth.  Even the Registry is not immune from being a target.  There have been attempts made to circumvent site security via these methods.  Site Security was monitoring and documenting the attempts and continues to protect this resource.  It has become necessary to explicitly ban this behavior by users of this website.

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Why is there a login and other security features?

The short answer is that there are 'bad' people out there. When the DeTomaso Registry began there was no login requirement nor any security checks performed. Very soon thereafter a person edited the details of a car that did not belong to them, adding negative information. Details and photos were also copied from this site and posted elsewhere, again with negative comments. After some considerable review of the pros and cons of requiring a login, and the damage that could be done without security, a basic login system was created. This allowed the perpetrator to be excluded from the site. That individual responded with hostile comments in other public forums and media. Then this person created an illicit account using bogus information. In response the "Terms and Conditions" were created to indicate that poor behavior could get someone banned from the site. I didn't think this was necessary, people should know better, but as they say, "there is one in every crowd." I could not ban them unless I explicitly detailed what actions could get someone banned. The suspect again did bad things, and his account was closed. Sadly he continued to attempt to hack the site, and violating the expectations of reasonable behavior. Security was beefed up with the intent to fully document this person's actions. New bogus accounts were created, and for a while he was tracked, until he again acted childishly and those accounts were blocked. While I wish he would just go away... and I have told him so, he continues, even now (2011). So if you object to the hassle of a login requirement, or some of the other security features, realize you and your data are being protected from people like this.

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How is E-Mail Processed?

See how E-Mail is processed here.





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